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Italian Gourmet Coffee and Pastries

Coffee and Cake

I began my business by baking biscotti and scones at home for local coffee shops. In 2007, I opened Di-Tazza Gourmet Coffee on 164th Ave. in Vancouver, WA. After three years, I relocated to my current location on 192nd Ave. in Camas, WA and off Padden in Vancouver, WA. Since then, my business has flourished, and I am now able to offer a wide range of food and drinks. Although the coffee industry is highly competitive, especially for small businesses, I strive to stand out with my motto, "The coffee shop not on every corner." At Di-Tazza, I aim to provide our customers with something unique, offering great locally sourced  coffee and quality homemade food from scratch with locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Meet the owner

My customers are incredibly important to me, and you have allowed me to create the family-style business I've always dreamed of. Without you and my amazing employees, this business would not have grown to where it is today.

Every day, I welcome new customers through my doors, and I hope that their experience at Di-Tazza is a positive one. I want each of them to feel like they came in as a customer but left as a friend. I am truly grateful for the love and support of my family, friends, and customers, without whom I would not have this business today.

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